Jeff Coatney Resumé


Jeff Coatney Creative (08/97 - Present) Principle / Owner
I specialize in story and character driven conceptual art, screenwriting, industrial design, show-set design, storyboards and CG animatics for high-profile clients in the motion picture, television and theme park and consumer products industries.

Key Services: Pre- Production Concept Art for Movies & TV, Marketing Key Art, Storyboards, Animatics, Show Set Drafting, Control Drawings, Sizzle Reels, Industrial Documentaries, Exhibit and Environmental Graphics and Intellectual Property and Product Develop- ment support.

Some recent projects:

Dreamworks & Aspect Ratio: Created Animatic Assets & Storyboards for Theatrical and Superbowl spots for Puss In Boots and Kung Fu Panda 2.

Dreamworks & New Wave: Created Animatic Assets & Storyboards for Theatrical & Media spots for Monsters Vs. Aliens, Megamind, How To Train Your Dragon & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Walt Disney Home Video & 1K Studios: Created Character Game Assets and Original Artwork and Animation for Blu-Ray releases of Chronicles of Narnia, Pinocchio, Space Buds and The Little Mermaid.

Nissan & Chiat + Day: Created Storyboards and Animatic Assets for the North American launch of the Cube vehicle.

Canal+: Created Concept Art & Storyboards for new Network Identity spots.

Paramount Pictures + Create: Created Storyboards and Animatic Assets for the Theatrical campaign for the GI Joe Movie.

Keystone Europa: Created Concept Art and Storyboards for Leisure Developments in Spain and Morocco.

McDonald’s: Created Key Art Assets for online banner campaign.

Hettema Group: Created Storyboards and Concept Elevations for Proposed Theme Park in Singapore.

Thomas-Somerro Design: Created Renderings for Interior Design Presentations.

Universal Creative: Created Show Set Drafting, Presentation Concept Art, Color Boards & Graphics for Attractions and Retail spaces at all of Universal’s Theme Parks in Orlando, Hollywood, Japan and Singapore.

Landmark Entertainment Group: Produced Color Presentation Art for proposals for Theme Parks in Asia.

Starz Media, Inc. (11/06 - 03/07) Writer & Designer
Co-wrote the script and created designs for live-action feature film Sands of Oblivion.

Rogue Predator Pictures, LLC. (02/04 - 06/07) Senior Product Developer
Created proprietary analytical tools for writers to conceive and evaluate original stories for the purpose of making higher quality, more popular and successful movies, television shows, books and short-stories.

Disney Stores, Inc. (08/06 - 12/06) Product Designer
Created new product concepts from Disney film properties like Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars, Toy Story and Ratatouille.

IDT Entertainment, Inc. (12/05 - 04/06) Designer
I created storyboards and concept designs for the live-action film Death Row.

Jada Toys, Inc. (06/05 - 12/05) Toy Designer
I oversaw the development of new toys from concept through engineering to packaging and marketing. As the most experienced toy designer, I mentored fellow designers from concept stage to analytical strategies for mass-market retail.

BRC Imagination Arts, Inc. (09/04 - 05/05) Designer
Created Storyboards and the Graphics package for Sentosa Island attraction in Singapore.

Toy Zone, Inc. (08/00 - 05/05) Design Director
I was responsible for the design development of new boy's toys and collectibles. I mastered the requirements for manufacturing textiles, finished garments, injectionmolded plastic and die-cast metal, CNC machining, automated systems for paint and the hand assembly and finishing of mass-market consumer goods.

Educational Background

Eastern Kentucky University: Bachelor's in industrial design and classical studio Art.

University of Madrid, Spain: Studio study in painting and art history.